The need for reliable and efficient power generation, transmission, and distribution has never been greater. GLP brings expertise and local knowledge to connect alternative energy companies to Governments that are looking for are most reliable and most efficient solutions.

GLP with its extensive network of supply chain experts ensure power solutions are deployed and activated within record times.


Our core team and program managers deliver flexible capacity, problem-solving resources and unbiased energy engineering to our clients in the regulated world. Engaging GLP means engaging a team of domain experts, experienced in tackling the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the energy industry. Because we understand that regulatory requirements are more demanding than ever before, we are built to thrive in a compliance-driven environment.


As an independent consulting resource to facilities professionals, we act in an advisory role to help our clients develop and execute their strategic energy plans. Whether it's helping the portfolio manager to prioritize competing retrofit projects, providing staff augmentation to the sustainability professional, or modeling a high performance facility to validate opportunities, we are a trusted source to increase your confidence when investing in energy solutions.