GLP Defense and Government Services is a support activity catering to the needs of Government activities. The Governments of our world all encounter challenges of infrastructure and defense, to address education, medical, and shelter shortcomings. At the same time ideology differences create divides in approaches splintering and at times even undermine the rule of law.

GLP will assist in efficient contracting mechanisms to procure supplies and services needed to improve the wellbeing of the local populace. Further developing trade across boarders increases international interaction. The increased interaction working hand in hand with the highest ethical and moral standards of open and transparent trade have positive results.

GLP is sensitive to the financial structures of spending tax revenue. These highly specialized transaction and financing needs create complex procurement systems. Often overburdened by regulations the existing systems can have unintended results or consequences. Rapid global expansion and contentious local political and private interests all can add to the government procurement challenges. Our clients demand experienced, comprehensive, and cost-effective support by bridging the gap and access to equipment, repairs and other services.

We bring together suppliers with the corporate, commercial, and regulatory experience to assist in capitalizing on opportunities and avoiding many pitfalls. Our team can guide service providers and other suppliers through procurement and regulatory minefields. Our industry focus enables us to fully understand both the business and bureaucracy inherent in these transactions. The challenges faced and advice consistent with achieving the business goals.

Our clients include some of the largest and most established defense and government services companies, and sovereign Government entities.