GLP's experienced team can handle your most challenging transportation problem.

More about GLP's Transportation Services:

  • GLP has the ability to truck small and large lots of cargo in most regions of the world, including small packages, ISO containers and a complete offering of specialized equipment including low deck trucks, heavy hauling vehicles and much more.
  • Our rail network capabilities include the USA, and Europe through Russian rail networks to Pakistan.
  • Ocean Transportation options cover the seven seas through several contractual mechanisms including Time Charter, Voyage Charter, Space Charter and Common Carrier Coordination.
  • GLP was issued an operating license from the Federal Maritime Commission.
  • Our air transportation services cover the globe through full charter services, partial aircraft and common carriage arrangements.
  • Our multimodal approach will strike the correct balance between your needs for scheduled delivery and cost management. In some of the more remote areas of the world, it is often more productive to utilize more than one mode of transportation sequentially. The true expertise of managing these multimodal movements is bridging the gap in language and culture, as each mode encounters nomenclature and liability regime differences that can be easily mismanaged by less experienced operators. GLP has the experience necessary to tackle your most challenging transportation problem.

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